CONCERT OF MAY 19, 2018 AND MAY 20, 2018

Alex Cave, Musical Director
Ted Wyman, Pianist

  • René Clausen, Robert Burns  – O my Luve’s like a Red, Red Rose
    • Sharon Plummer, violin
    • Julie Balk, cellist
  • Stephen Foster, arr. Gerald Custer – Hard Times Come Again No More
  • Eric Whitacre, Rudyard Kipling – The Seal Lullaby
  • Eriks Ešenvalds, Sara Teasdale – Only in Sleep
    • Fiona Linn, Soprano
  • Dan Forrest, Ruth 1:16-17 – Entreat Me Not To Leave You
    • Ann Marie Borders, Soprano
  • Kim Andre Arnesen, Euan Tate – Flight Song
  • Daniel Elder – Sunrise Carol
    • Quartet: Nancy Karp, Hannah Snell, Isabel Suarez, Rosie Voss
  • Daniel Schreiner – Fear Not
  • David Dickau, William Shakespeare – If Music Be The Food Of Love



Alex Cave, Musical Director
Edmund Price, Pianist

  • Randall Thompson – The Testament of Freedom
  • Imant Raminsh – In the Night We Shall Go In
  • Roy Ringwald, arr. – Bless This House
    • Quartet: Steve Pierce, Alex Cave, Richard Knapp,      Rick Cole
  • Stephen Paulus – The Road Home
    • Paula Pacholke-Dumont, Soprano
  • Morten Lauridsen 0 Sure On This Shining Night
  • Ola Gjeilo – Luminous Night of the Soul
    • Carol Gagliardi, cello
    • Sharon Plummer, violin
    • Debra Joy Brabenec, Soprano
  • Rick Wakeman, arr – Morning Has Broken
    • Edmund Price, piano
  • John David, arr. Peter Knight – You Are the New Day
  • John Rutter, arr. – When the Saints Go Marching In
    • Chris Schwartz – clarinet


Alex Cave, Musical Director
Edmund Price, Organist/Pianist

  • Henry Purcell – Trumpet Voluntary
    • Bill Schwartz, Flugelhorn
  • Stephen Paulus – Pilgrim’s Hymn
  • John Rutter – Psalm 150
    • Beth Ward, Xin He, Paula Pacholke-Dumont, Sopranos
  • John Rutter – For the Beauty of the Earth
  • Dan Miller, arr. – Count Your Blessings
  • Stephen Paulus – We Gather Together
    • Debbie Brabenec, Soprano
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams – A Song of Thanksgiving
    • Audrey Kennedy, Soprano
    • John Hay, Speaker
  • Henri Mulet – Carillon Sortie


    • Randall Thompson – Frostiana
      • The Road Not Taken
      • The Pasture
      • Come In
      • The Telephone
      • A Girl’s Garden
      • Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
      • Choose Something Like a Star
    • Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings/Agnus Dei (from String Quartet in B Minor)

Washtenaw Orchestra Choir/Ypsilanti Community Orchestra
Adam Riccinto, Conductor


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-Regina Coeli in C Major, K.276
    • Ann Marie Borders, Soprano
    • Paula Pacholke-Dumont, Mezzo-Soprano
    • Alex Cave-Tenor
    • Richard Knapp-Bass
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams-Fantasia on Christmas Carols (1912)
  • John Rutter –Magnificat (1990)
    • Paige Graham-Soprano

Washtenaw Orchestra Choir/Dexter Community Orchestra/Dexter High School Orchestra
Anthony Elliott, Conductor


  1. Johann Sebastian Bach – Part I, Christmas Oratorio
    1. Chorus: Christians Be Joyful
    2. Recitative: Now It Came To Pass In Those Days, Anthony LaFrinier (Tenor)
    3. Recitative: See Now The Bridegroom, Betsy Hill (Alto)
    4. Air: Prepare Thyself Zion, Betsy Hill (Alto)
    5. Chorale: How Shall I Fitly Meet Thee
    6. Recitative: And She Brought Forth Her First Born Son , Anthony LaFrinier (Tenor)
    7. Chorus and Recitative: For Us To Earth He Cometh Poor, Anthony LaFrinier (Tenor)
    8. Aria: Mighty Lord and King All Glorious, Richard Knapp (Baritone)
    9. Chorus: Ah! Dearest Jesus
  2. Fred Waring – The Night Before Christmas, Chris Schwartz (Tenor)
  3. John Rutter – Donkey Carol
  4. Alan Hoddinott – Puer Natus
  5. John Rutter – Jesus Child
  6. John Rutteer – Star Carol
  7. Leroy Anderson – Christmas Festival

Washtenaw Orchestra Choir / Dexter Community Orchestra / Dexter High School Orchestra
Anthony Elliott, Conductor

Concert of December 15, 2013

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach — Magnificat
    1. Magnificat (Chorus)
    2. Et Exultavit (soprano)
      Leslie Helene Smith
    3. Quia Respexit (soprano)
      Debra Joy Brabenec
    4. Quia Fecit (bass)
      Jesus Murillo
    5. Et Misericordia (duo, alto and tenor)
      Amy Harms
      Zhenzhen Zhang
    6. Fecit Potentiam (Chorus)
    7. Deposuit (tenor)
      Samuel Plumb
    8. Esurientes(alto)
      Betsy Hill
    9. Suscepit Israel (Women’s Chorus)
    10. Sicut Locutus (Chorus)
    11. Gloria (Chorus)
  2. John Rutter — Gloria
    1. Gloria (Chorus)
    2. Domine Deus (Women’s Trio with Chorus)
      Barbara Weathers, Soprano
      Rebecca Heberlein, Mezzo-soprano
      Rosie Voss, Alto
    3. Quoniam tu solus sanctus (Chorus)
  3. Leroy Anderson — Christmas Festival (Chorus, Orchestra and audience)

Washtenaw Community Orchestra Chorus / Dexter Community Orchestra/Dexter High School Orchestra
Anthony Elliott, Conductor

Concert of December 16, 2012

  1. Francis Poulenc – Gloria
    Tara Sievers-Hunt, Soprano
    WCOC / DCO / DHSO / Anthony Elliott, Conductor

    1. Gloria (chorus)
    2. Laudamus Te (chorus)
    3. Domine Deus (soprano with chorus)
    4. Domine Fili Unigenite (chorus)
    5. Dominus Deus, Agnus Dei (soprano with chorus)
    6. Qui Sedes ad Dexteram (soprano with chorus)
  2. J. S. Bach – Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
  3. arr. John Rutter – The Twelve Days of Christmas
  4. Leroy Anderson – A Christmas Festival

Washtenaw Community Orchestra Chorus/Dexter Community Orchestra/Dexter High School Orchestra
Anthony Elliott, Conductor

Concert of December 18, 2011

  1. Antonio Vivaldi – Gloria
    Ann Marie Borders, Soprano
    Debra Joy Brabenec, Soprano
    Nancy Daly, Mezzo-soprano
    Betsy Hill, Alto

    1. Gloria (chorus)
    2. Et In Terra Pax (chorus)
    3. Laudamus te (soprano, mezzo-soprano)
    4. Gratias Agimus Tibi (chorus)
    5. Propter Magnam Gloriam (chorus)
    6. Domine Deus (soprano)
    7. Domine Fili Unigenite (chorus)
    8. Domine Deus, Agnus Dei (alto with chorus)
    9. Qui Tollis (chorus)
    10. Qui Sedes ad Dexteram (alto)
    11. Quoniam Tu Solus Sanctus (chorus)
    12. Cum Sancto Spiritu (chorus)
  2. John Rutter – Donkey Carol WCOC / DCO / Anthony Elliott
  3. Alun Hoddinott – Puer Natus WCOC/ DCO / Anthony Elliott
  4. John Rutter – Jesus Child WCOC / DCO / Anthony Elliott
  5. Nes Gadol Haya Sham (Folksong) WCOC / DCO / Doug McQueen
  6. John Rutter – Nativity Carol WCOC / Anthony Elliott
  7. William Dawson – Behold the Star WCOC / George Dentel
    Verlin Nafziger, tenor; Karen Furuhjelm and Susan Skiba, sopranos
  8. G.F. Handel – Hallelujah Chorus WCOC / DCO / Anthony Elliott

Washtenaw Community Orchestra Chorus/Dexter Community Orchestra
Anthony Elliott, Conductor

Concert of DECEMBER 19, 2010

I. Ralph Vaughan Williams — Hodie

  1. Prologue Nowell (Chorus)
  2. Narration (semichorus); The Angel (tenor with chorus)
    Robert Harris
  3. Song “It was the winter wild” (soprano)
    Leslie Helene Smith
  4. Narration (semichorus)
  5. Song, “The Blessed Son” (chorus)
  6. Narration; “And there were. . .” (Soprano with chorus)
    Terri Wilcox
  7. Song: “The Oxen” (baritone)
    Gerald Leckrone
  8. Narration; “Glory to God” (chorus)
  9. Song, “The Shepherds Sing” (baritone)
    Gerald Leckrone
  10. Narration (semichorus)
  11. Lullaby: “Sweet was the song” (Women’s Chorus)
  12. Hymn: “Bright portals of the sky” (tenor)
    Robert Harris
  13. Narration (chorus with semichorus)
  14. The March of the Three Kings (chorus)
  15. Song, “No sad thought” (chorus)
  16. Epilogue, “In the beginning. . .” (solo quartet with chorus)

Washtenaw Community Orchestra Chorus/Dexter Community Orchestra
Anthony Elliott, Conductor

Concert of December 20, 2009

1. Gustav Holst — Christmas Day
Leslie Helene Smith, soprano
Karla K.Manson, mezzo-soprano
Betsy Hill, alto
Joseph Diederich, baritone
Dexter Community Chorus / Dexter Community Orchestra
Dr. Robert Boardman, Conductor

2. Ludwig van Beethoven — Choral Fantasy
Dr. Louis Nagel, Pianist
Leslie Helene Smith, Soprano
Karla K.Manson, Mezzo-soprano
Betsy Hill, Contralto
Austin Stewart, Tenor
Gerald Leckrone, Tenor
Joseph Diederich, Bass
Dexter Community Chorus / Dexter Community Orchestra
Dr. Robert Boardman, Conductor